Stuttgart’s first plant-oil operated combined heat and power plant (CHP)

CHP Martin Bucher

Micro plant-oil CHP

A power plant in your own basement to enter a new era of power supply! Power is generated from pure plant-oil. The waste heat created as a side effect is used to heat the house and the pool. By means of combined heat and power far more electricity is generated than is actually needed for personal consumption. This power is fed into the grid and is reimbursed according to Germany’s law on renewable energies (EEG). The efficiency of this combined heat and power plant exceeds even the most modern large-scale power generation by more than 100%. By using home-grown, renewable raw material (resources), a sustainable contribution to the reduction of climate-changing CO2-emission is made. Moreover, this will directly lead to increased political autonomy from petrol, gas and coal as well as decreased transport risks associated with these energy carriers.

The ecologic and, above all, also economic operation of this compact system now replaces a former oil heating. State-of-the-art multi-layer storage and feedback control systems allow for an efficient integration into one of the largest thermal solar systems of the city of Stuttgart. The installation of this system in a 1968-built home in the heart of Stuttgart suggests that this concept is practicable not only in new buildings but also in existing ones.

MB plant-oil gas station

plant-oil gasstation in ones garage

Furthermore, cars can be re-“fuelled” with plant oil directly at a “gas station” in ones garage, thereby making motility not only more ecologic but also less costly. It is our objective to demonstrate to the public that trend-setting technologies are already existing and available at the market place under economic conditions and which make a significant contribution to the protection of our environment.