Solar park Pocking (Bavaria, Germany)

The project:

Martin Bucher Project Development, Stuttgart; Shell Solar GmbH, Munich, and CommerzLeasing und Immobilien AG, Düsseldorf constructed the world’s largest grid-connected photovoltaic system with a power of 10 MWp on a former military base near Pocking in Bavaria (Germany). It consists of 58.000 modules and will generate electricity for almost 3.300 homes.

This project was initiated and coordinated by Martin Bucher Project Development. Approval was granted within record time, with the substantial support of the city of Pocking, the district of Passau, the Bavarian government and adjacent communities. Shell Solar as general contractor was responsible for the turn-key installation of the entire complex. The financial structure and operation of this € 40,000,000 power plant is carried out by CommerzLeasing und Immobilien AG.

technical data:

area over all:32 ha
installed power:10 MWp
estimatetd power output per year:appox. 10.000 kW or 3.300 households
number of modules:57.912 pieces, mono- and polychrystaline, 75km length
supportsystem:16,5 km aluminum construction
Wechselrichter:6 Blockeinheiten a 1.600 kVA
mit je 4×400kVA Wechselrichtern
transformer: 6×1,6 MVA 20.000V
fundation:8.112 steal screws
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